Mapbox for data visualization



Data visualization is one of the product use cases that Mapbox rolled out in 2017. 

I first worked with the marketing team to create the use case landing page template, then designed the data visualization page from beginning to end.

Launch date

June 2017

My Role

UX/UI design

Illustration and icon design



Design process


Use case page template

I started by auditing previously built product pages on, including ones we plan to refactor into use cases eventually.

Then we created this content template for the marketing team to work on page copy and visuals.


Lo-fi wireframes

In lo-fi I started to establish design patterns like the copy layout and demos presentation.

I also worked with the front-end engineers to work around technical limitations in the design, e.g. map screenshot rendering for responsive screen sizes.


*    *    *

Check out Mapbox for data visualization in live. And more use case pages coming soon!


Yunjie Li, 2017
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